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Security station Guard4

Dual power supply

  • 220V electrical networks;
  • 12V battery with automatic charge

LED indicators:

  • Mode of operation;
  • State of the zones;
  • Availability of mains power;
  • Alarm memory of the last inclusion;


  • SIR - management of foreign cheeses;
  • PGM1 - opening / closing the garage or front door with 5 sec. Pulse to reset or power of the fire alarm;
  • PGM2 - Tamper patrol and control;
  • PGM3 - poet in custody;

7 programmable functions:

  • Ring "in zone 1
  • "Silent Alarm" in tamler;
  • Management of the neck or fire alarm;
  • Costs under guard by "service" Doo;
  • 1 or 2 minutes of action cheeses;
  • Bypass area, made more than 3 alarm over the inclusion in custody;
  • "Silent Alarm" when pressed panic button;


  •  Connect up to 4 security sensors (12V, normally closed contacts for alarm and sabotage) on area;
  • The ability to manage the fire alarm 12V zone 4;
  • Given sound-light indication;
  • The ability to add a "service" remote control(up to 4 pcs.);
  • Elimination of incidental inclusions in custody;
  • Memory in 16 events;
  • The ability for partial inclusion in custody;
  • Four double zones;
  • Two buttons with Remote Control Transmitters (remote controls- up to 60 pcs.)

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