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The XWING luminaire is designed to create high level of uniformity, which we perceive as natural and beautiful as the daylight is characterised.
The room is immersed in natural, pleasant and unobtrusively
bright light – with sufficient shadow detail and contrast rendering. The direct/
indirect light typical of the luminaire's last generation is produced in closed
lighting chambers, reflections are eliminated through a variety of optics. The new
LED luminaire combines these tried-and-tested qualities with maximum energy
efficiency and a long, maintenance-free service life.
The luminaire unit has been reduced to translucent, almost immaterial lighting wings,
thus putting the room and its architectural features to the fore. The innovative
lighting chamber concept is responsible for the luminaire unit's low-profile look.


> LED ceiling luminaire for general and task area lighting

> State of the art body design

> Housing made of sheet steel with die-cast structure

> Colour temperature from 2700K to 6000K optional

> Colour rendering index CRI Ra > 80 for office applications

> Suitable for glare control for upright and tilted displays

> Long-life LEDs reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs

> "Dimmable DALI" module is available additionally 

> Emergency module is available additionally 

> Microprismatic optic with precise patterning for directional light distribution with all-round glare control for maximum efficiencies

Technical Specification:


XWing M

XWing B

Input power

36 W

52 W

Useful quantity of light

4 000 Lm

5 600 Lm


UGR 19 with MPO

Led used / pcs

Samsung / Osram

Power supply / Pfc

230 V AC / PFC>90

Internal termal protection


Working temperature

-25° to +40° C 

Environment protection

IP 20

Dimensions , mm


Weight , kg

4 kg

LED Lm70

50.000 h


Indoor for offices, schools, hospitals


Xwing M laboratory mesurements

Light Characteristics

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