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Rommtech-3S introduces proven air disinfection device

UVC desinfection

Promotional price: 235 Euro

The device is suitable for:

  • schools
  • retail outlets
  • doctors' offices and hospitals
  • public administration buildings
  • restaurants,
  • cinemas
  • theaters
  • factories and more

The device for air disinfection R3S UVC60-40W produced by the Bulgarian company "Romtech 3S" has already been installed in over 500 schools and companies in the country with continuing further installations.

First-ever in Bulgaria a proven interior air disinfection system, used in the presence of people, is being installed on a large scale. It battles COVID-19, viruses, bacteria and mold.

Tests show that in the first hour of operation the device drastically reduces the viral and bacterial load in a 150 m3 room by more than 75% up to 3 times faster than competing products.

The product successfully passed safety certification in a verified laboratory and meets a number of European standards. It has also been proven that it can safely be used indefinitely in the presence of people, pets and plants.

The powerful system uses a 36W UVC light source with 254 nanometers. The device is completely harmless with tested OZONE FREE technology. This innovative method is nearly the only applicable one for a simultaneous use in the presence of people and at a relatively low cost.

This safe technology is designed as a key solution for dealing with viruses in frequently-visited sites such as schools, retail outlets, doctors' offices and hospitals, public administration buildings, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, factories and more. With this solution by Romtech-3S, this is done completely safe in the presence of people.

This technology saves time compared to other contactless disinfection technologies and does not require supervision during work. With its longevity of 9000 operating hours, the device can practically keep the environment free of viruses for a whole year without interruptions. After that a replacement of the UVC source, which is low cost, is necessary.

The clean design is suitable for any room, sold in white as standard but also available in a wide selection of RAL color choices. The device is available for wall mounting, suspended ceiling or suspended mounting.

The safety-certified device operates in a wide temperature range from -20 to 45 degrees Celsius. The built-in, washable air filter helps to further purify the air. This device comes with a 2-year warranty.

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