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LED GRP 60x60 LC

GRP 60x60

Our GRP60x60 LED luminaires are designed to replace traditional tubular fluorescent grid lamps in the areas with Armstrong-type ceilings, producing the same amount of light with savings of up to 55% of electricity. The luminaire features modules with unique construction, very low UGR rating <19, high efficiency diffuser, classic looks and the latest LED technology, which increases the lamp’s efficiency up to 100 lm/W. Additionally it have embedded high efficiency switching power driver with PFC and efficiency of 90%.

The lamps can be equipped with different diodes to suit the varying needs of the client as color temperature of the light and CRI up to 95. Overall, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating of the room, which helps to lower needed cooling capacity of the air conditioning system. Containing no mercury, lead, or glass, GRP60x60 do not present risk of area contamination that is possible with fluorescent lamp breakage. Due to the high uniformity of the emitted light and the low overall brightness, the luminaire is applicable where the unified glare rating is of importance: schools, offices, hospitals, working halls.


Excellent total cost of ownership with attractive payback times

> Wide range of colour temperature from 2700K - 6000K

> No annoying noises, vibrations and very low flickering

> Long-life LEDs  (with an average rated lifetime of 40,000 - 60 000 hours) reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs that are associated with fluorescent systems

> Unified Glare Rating is lower or equal to fluorescent tube( UGR<19)

> Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consumption, reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead

> Overall, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating in the premisses

> 100% efficacy - directed light which guarantees that all the luminocity goes where is needed

 Technical Specification: 


LED 60x60LC

Input power

40 W

Useful quantity of light

4 800 Lm


UGR 19   CRI>80

Led used / pcs

Samsung / Osram

Power supply / Pfc

230V AC/ PFC>90

Internal termal protection


Working temperature

- 25 to + 40°C

Environment protection

IP 20

Dimensions mm


Weight kg

4 kg

LED Lm70

50.000 h


Indoor for offices, schools, hospitals


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