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Totem for gas station

Totem for gas stations

 Based on the growing need of lowering energy consumption and increasing the visibility of the
petrol station "flag" we have developed a totem with a modular construction - every module is separeted from the others and there can be connected up to 16 modules and 2 clocks/termometer (one on each side).
There is a backlight for the petrol station name and the names of the products (diesel, A95, etc.).
The used LEDs are special series for road signalisation - extremely visible even in direct sunlight.
Their color can be customised as the color of the backlight. Every row - sign backlight plus lighting price tag has a total consumption of only 12 Watts.

Thanks to the modular concept the modules can be build in any old petrol station totem.

Because of the long LEDs lifespan - 100000 hours - there is no actual maintanance needed.
The totem includes a build in termometer along the clock.

 The installation can be done by a none technical personal - easy to install.

Clock and price adjustment can be done by a RF remote, a keyboard buil in the totem or somewhere close or by a computer  - it is up to  the customer to dicide what suites him best.


High efficiency leading to lower energy consumption

> No annoying noises, vibrations and flickering

> Long-life LEDs  (with an average rated lifetime of 70,000 - 100 000 hours) reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs that are associated with fluorescent systems

> Great visibility

> Ease of installation and adjustment

> Custom light color

> 100% efficacy - directed light which guarantees that all the luminocity goes where is needed

Technical Specification:

    General Characteristics  
    LED chip manufacturer     OSRAM 
    Modules count     max. 16
    Life of the LEDs     100 000hr
    Operating temperature     -25 - +50 °C
    Sighns per module     3 + decimal point
    Module length/height  280/860
    Wattage per row     12 W
    Clock+termometer with build in backup power supply     4 digits, 2 blinking dots, and a minus sign.
    Backlight  custom color
    Controll     RF remote, keybord, computer


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