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Rommtech-3S started mass production of LED PRO light that ensures high energy economy with a low investment. Designed for easy installation in industrial buildings, underground parkings and hallways with high ingress protection - standart IP65 and if nessesary IP67. The first of its king - in a standart body with diffused light that guarantees low glaring index and great light distortion. Produced in three standart lenghts 600mm, 1200mm and 1500mm so it can fit any architectual design. With a luminous flux of over 105lm/W the 600mm body has 2200Lm at only 20W, the 1200mm body has 4400Lm at 40W and the 1500mm body has 5500Lm at 50W. All of these properties make LED PRO light the perfect LED fixture for any budget. 

  The lightening fixtures can be equipped with different LED engines to suite the varying needs of the client (e.g. output power, output luminous flux and color temperature). Overall, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating of the room, which is very important especially for refrigerators. Containing no mercury, lead, or glass, LED PRO Light do not present risk of food contaminations that is possible with fluorescent lamp breakage. 


  • Using the LED technology that is the most effective and green solution on the market with efficacy of 115Lm/W can reduce energy cost with up to 90%
  • Diffused light with low glaring index UGR<19
  • The high IP guarantees long lifetime and low maintanance cost
  • Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consumption, reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead
  • Return of investment in uder 1 year with 8 hours daily usage 
  • 100% efficacy-directed light which guarantees that all of the luminocity goes where you need it 

Technical Specification:

 General Characteristics  
    LED chip manufacturer     OSRAM / SAMSUNG
    Housing     Polycarbonate / powder coated steel
    Life of the LEDs to 70% lumen         maintenance     50 000 - 80 000hr
    Operating temperature     -25 - +40 °C
    Ingress protection     IP 65 / IP67
    Electrical Characteristics  
    Wattage     20 W / 43W / 50W
    Type of power supply     230 Vac with PFC and eff. 90%
    Light characteristics  
    Color rendering index     CRI ≥ 80
    Luminous flux - clear/ opal     2200 Lm / 4700 Lm / 5500 Lm
    Product Dimensions  
    Width/length/height     600 / 1200 / 1500 x110x100 mm
    Weight      2   /      2,3   /     2,6    kg


Light Characteristics ProLight 20W

Light Characteristics ProLight 40W

Light Characteristics ProLight 50W

EMC test report

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