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Clock with 2 temperatures

Clock with two temperatures

        Electronical clock/termometer with excellent visibility even in direct solar radiation, developed for outdoor poolsides where all other electronical seven-segment indicators will fail. The termometer measures two temperatures - one where the body is located and one where the special waterproof temperature sensor is located. The distance between the sensor and the termometer can be up to 300m. The great thing about our termometer is the RF comunication between the sensor and the main body which means that you do not have to place wires aroun your pool and that is really important when you have already placed the tiles. The clock has a build in back up battery to memorize time for up to six months.Equipped with latest LED technology  from Osram specialized for road signs.With high environment protection to outstand any outdoor conditions. Thanks to the LED technology and the high efficacy power supply the whole system uses only 40 Watts. Adjustment can be done via wireless remote control or via keyboard.


Environment protection - IP65

> Convenient system for direct mounting on walls

> Long-life LEDs  (with an average rated lifetime of 70,000 - 100 000 hours) reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs that are associated with fluorescent systems

> No annoying noises, vibrations and flickering

> Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consumption, reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead

> Clock adjustment: via keyboard with cable or via wireless control unit - up to 80 meters 

>Needs no maintenance


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