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LED 35R24I

   The LED 35 R 24 I is a state of the art eccentric looking luminaire designed for any outdoor need - street and area lightening. For a LED light fixture, it is important to have good thermal management. And that is the main design direction in this luminaire - to dissipate the heat from the LEDs in order to insure them the perfect working conditions. The problem with the usual heatsinks is the contamination of the cooling surface, which makes it uneffective. In this design the special form of the aluminium body makes it impossible to contaminate during normal exploitation. The heat is dissipated from electronics with the heat transfer capability of the aluminum body.Durable lighting capability is achieved with the help of high class LEDs and the low level strain that is put on them.

 The led modules and the connection device of the light fixture are changeable, and they are encapsulated against dust and moisture. LED 35R 24 I is compatible with solar systems.

   This is a low cost, high class, energy-efficient luminaire requiring minimal maintenance. The low wattage but high luminous flux make LED 35 R 24 I the perfect choice for any budget. The light fixture is suited for new installations, as well as for replacement of old light fixtures. LED 35 R 24 I can be installed to  horizontal shaft - standart for street lightning. It comes in a variety of body colors. The temperature color and angle of beam can also be customised.

   An interesting fact is that a few of these lighting fixtures are iluminating the bulgarian station on the south pole for a couple of years without experiencing any problems despite the extreme conditions they are subjected to.


>  Positive impact on the environment - directed light (no light pollution), UV- and IR- irradiation 

> Delivers reliable performance and significant energy savings

> Attractive design adds a touch of style to city streets

> Optimizes light distribution and ensures compliance with safety and road lighting standards

> Provides a choice of high system efficacy levels to meet different energy saving targets

> Ensures visual comfort for all users

> Low maintenance costs

Technical Specification: 

Input power 40 W
Useful quantity of light 4 250 Lm
Installation height 9 m
  Led used / pcs CREE
Lenses Street Butterfly
Power supply / Pfc 110/230V AC/ PFC>90
24/36V or 12VDC
Internal termal protection automatic 
Working temperature   -25° to +50 °C
Environment protection IP 65 Aluminium body
    Dimensions mm 300x180x100 
Weight kg 5 kg
LED Lm70 100.000 h


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