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  Model 401C is a reliable and economical low-wattage LED-based lighting fixture that can illuminate on a limited budget streets, roads, sidewalks, playgrounds and etc. Its simple and yet attractive design adds a touch of style to the residential areas where it is installed. It also provides a choice of high system efficacy levels to meet different energy saving targets. Because of that and the long life of the light emiting diodes that leads to no actual maintanance, compared to the alternatives of the LED lightening it has a short and comfortable payback time. The model can be used with solar systems because of it`s great efficacy, low-wattage and high energy conversion efficiency.

 The color temperature is a clients choice. The flux and input power can be furthermore customised. The lenses can also be customised to emit light in a rectangular shape for street lightening or to emit light in a circular shape for any other application. The model is using contemporary LEDs  from the world famous brands Cree or Osram. Model 401C is equiped with build-in termal protection that decreases the output light with PWM when the LED protection temperature is reached. The luminaire also has high environment protections - IP65 aluminium body with tempered glass. The LED lifespan of the luminaire is 100 000 hours.


  • Delivers reliable performance and significant energy savings
  • Provides a choice of high system efficacy levels to meet different energy saving targets
  • Simple, economical, sustainable and reliable LED luminaire
  • Ensures visual comfort for all users
  • Positive impact on environment - directed light (no light pollution), UV- and IR- irradiation 
  • Low maintanance costs

 Technical Specification:

General Characteristics
LED chip manufacturer Cree / Osram
Housing Aluminium / powder coated steel
Life of the LEDs to 70% lumen maintenance 70 000 - 100 000hr
Operating temperature -25 - +40 °C
Ingress protection IP 65
Electrical Characteristics
Wattage 30 W
Type of power supply 110/ 230 V AC with PFC and eff. 90%
Light characteristics
Color rendering index CRI ≥ 70
Luminous flux 2600 lm
Product Dimensions
Width/length/height 300x160x52 mm
Weight 3 kg


Light characteristics


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