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    The module is designed to be integrated in standard grid lamps. With equivalent dimensions the T8/T5 LED produces the same amount of light with savings of up to 55% of electricity. The module features unique construction, integrated mirror optics, high efficiency diffuser and the latest LED technology with efficiency up to 110 lm/W and is completely compatible with all 24Vdc (36 Vdc optional) LED power supplies.

    Due to the high uniformity of the emitted light and the low overall brightness, T8/T5 LED is applicable where the unified glare rating is of importance: schools, offices, hospitals, working halls. Containing no mercury, lead, or glass, LED modules do not present risk of area contamination that is possible with fluorescent lamp breakage.


> Excellent total cost of ownership with attractive payback times
> No annoying noises, vibrations and flickering
> Unified Glare Rating is lower or equal to fluorescent tube
> Long-life LEDs (with an average rated lifetime of 70 000 - 100 000 hours) reduce the maintenance and product replacement costs that are associated with fluorescent systems
> Significant sustainability opportunity due to lower energy consumption, reduced waste and elimination of hazardous substances such as mercury and lead
> Overall, the usage of LEDs helps to reduce the internal heating in the premisses.
> 100% efficiency - directed light which guarantees that all of the luminosity goes where you need it

Technical Specification:

   T8/T5LED    10W    20W    25W
   General Characteristics      
   LED manufacturer   OSRAM   
   Housing    Anodized aluminium, mirror optics, diffuser
   Life to 70% lumen maintenance      70 000 - 100 000 hr  
   Operating temperature      -30 - +40 °C  
   Electrical Characteristics      
   Equivalent to fluorescent tube T5/T8     14 W/ 18 W    28 W/ 36 W    35 W/ 58 W
   Type of power source (not included)    Constant Voltage 24 ±1 Vdc
   Power connection    2-way screw terminal  
   Light characteristics      
   Color temperature    2700, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500 or 5000 °C
   Color rendering index      CRI > 80  
   Luminous flux    900 - 1100 lm    1800 - 2200 lm    2300 - 2800 lm
   Product Dimensions      
   Length    555 mm    1100 mm    1400 mm
   Width/ height      50x25 mm  
   Weight    0,3 kg    0,6 kg    0,75 kg

Technical specifications


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